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Become a stylist! With the styling head and lots of great accessories, you can conjure up a wide variety of hairstyles and embellish them with hair ties, barrettes and hair elastics. Find out what Corolle products have to offer in this category by clicking here.


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Corolle Hair Styling Set

Styling head & accessoires

Corolle Hair Styling Set



"The Corolle Hairstyling Set consists of 14 realistically styled accessories (1 hair dryer, 1 hairbrush, 1 handheld mirror, 1 comb, 2 large claw clips, 3 smal claw clips, 2 flat hair clips and 3 scrunchies) to create lots of different hairdos. The hair dryer operates with 2 batteries (LR03/AAA, included) and has these realistic features: The tip is removable It makes a sound when turned on It blows air (at ambient temperature) The Corolle Hairstyling Set is the ideal complement to the Flowe Princess Hairstyling Head; together they are sure to inspire hours on end of creative hair play! Hair play is fun! Ages 3 and up."

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Our Corolle hairdressing heads for children

Combing, cutting, pinning up or braiding - many children enjoy getting to grips with hair styling. And because mom and dad don't necessarily like to "stick their necks out" especially when it comes to daring hairstyles, hairdressing heads are a sought-after toy. They hold absolutely still and are up for any hair trend, so your kid can let off steam.

Cut, comb, style - with the right moves you make a star out of your hairdressing doll!

A hairdressing head for children is a toy and learning material in one. Because while playing, your child trains important skills:

Promote creativity and concentration

When styling the artificial hair, your child's creativity is in demand. They can safely try out new things, invent their own hairstyles or rediscover what they already know. Of course, they have to concentrate hard, because hair styling is not an easy task. In this way, your child's ability to concentrate is also promoted.

Promoting the accomplishment of everyday tasks

Practicing on the hairdressing head enables your child step by step to be able to care for his own hair independently. The more often the doll heads are combed, washed, blow-dried and styled for hairdressing, the more confident your child will become.

Promotion of motor skills

And motor skills are not neglected when playing with a hairdressing doll and hairdressing head accessories. Braiding and decorating the hair with hair ties and clips especially appeals to the fine motor skills.

Hairdressing heads & hairdressing head accessories: long lasting fun for little hairdressers

At least as important as the doll for hairdressing itself is the right hairdressing head accessories. Because only with the right accessories can your child fully exploit the possibilities when playing with hairdressing heads.

The Corolle Hair Styling Set is a kind of starter kit for little hairdressers and hairstylists. It consists of a whole 14 parts that take playing with hairdressing dolls to a whole new level. The set includes, among other things, a hairdryer with electric function, a brush, a comb, a hand mirror and various hair accessories. So your child is perfectly equipped to realize his hairstyle dreams on the doll's head.

Conclusion: Our doll heads for hairdressing - in high demand among children

Hairdressing heads for children invite creative play and promote concentration, independence and motor skills. The high-quality hairdressing head accessories from Corolle contribute to an even more varied play experience - for maximum fun with the hairdressing doll.

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